Eastwood Two-Story Moves a Little on Down the Line

Just reduced a smidge: This 2-story four-squarish renovated 1914 home in Eastwood, just southwest of Eastwood Park. A few blocks north at Harrisburg and Lockwood, a light-rail station for Metro’s new East End line is supposed to open sometime around the home’s 100th-birthday mark. A porch wraps around the house, behind a front fence and driveway gate. And inside — a careful photographer has made sure you’ll notice — you’ll find lots of well-saturated colors.


The stats: 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths in 1,928 sq. ft. No garage, but the lot measures 7,300 sq. ft. First listed a little more than a month ago. Price just cut, slightly, to $275,000.

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  • If only I had the means to purchase this house. I am not a fan of pastel interior paint usually, but the colors in this house are lovely and suits the home. Very pretty.

  • Oh, forgot to add that I love the porch. Perfect for those once in gazillion cool evenings we get around here. And it has an actual yard too!

  • Nicely redone and yes porch is gorgeous!

  • Love the house, but the kitchen does not suit it.

  • I do like the pastel rooms but am not quite ready to do that to my home. Besides, my husband would have nightmares.

    Otherwise, I’m very surprised that there is no garage. I would think that would be a deal breaker. Where do they put all the yard ‘stuff’?

  • I wish I had the design skill to pick out color. I paint everything a boring Navajo white for lack of any ability to pick more exciting colors. :(

  • @PYEWACKET2: either in that little red shed in the back or over the fence in the neighbor’s yard…look at all the crap back there


  • Looks like it is a train lover’s dream house!

  • I wish I had the design skill to pick out color. I paint everything a boring Navajo white for lack of any ability to pick more exciting colors. :(

    I’m sure your tenants are relieved. Actually, if you go to Sherwin Williams and just pick colors from their neutral palette (of almost any shade), you’ll be safe from any massive faux pauxs.

  • Nice place. Too bad about the freight trains running behind the back fence.

  • yadda yadda trash behind the fence and freight trains.
    Every place has it’s detractions.
    btw – notice how tints of ‘Panera’ colors are EVERYWHERE?! Success seems to be in Light Spring Moss Green, Pastel Yellow Ochre, and Soft Southwestern Serape Orange.

  • I was fortunate enough to acquire a fixer-upper very near this house recently as my first foray into Eastwood renovation. One week into the project, I was sued by someone claiming my sparkly new title was invalid. *sound of screeching brakes* Weee, welcome to Eastwood or more aptly I guess, life in the big city. Hope to get mine looking as nice as this one appears to be sometime in this lifetime…or when the lawyers get done squabbling. Sigh.

  • Hey Kilray, elaborate on your tile lawsuit I think we would like to hear that.

  • I mean title

  • Hey Freddie, not sure it will be that exciting, but I promise I’ll fill you in when the litigation is over. I will say that I followed all of the normal property buying procedures before being blindsided. Those of you holding what you think is clear title might want to sleep a little less soundly. :P

  • Kilray, here is hoping you have title insurance!

  • Nice place, I am liking the bold colors.

  • Hey Mel, yes, title insurance claim in progress. However, there are a few things more comfortable in life than being defended by an insurance company lawyer on a very tight financial leash and with an obvious built-in conflict of interest.

  • Hopefully your title company is local and starts with an “S”.

  • I grew up in this home, from about 1963, beautiful home , many memories.