Etro Lounge Has One Month Left in Montrose Before Shutting Down, Packing Up for Main St.

Get ready to bid goodbye to Etro Lounge’s current location on Windsor St., where it splits a building with Anvil. Tucked back from Westheimer behind the wider front face of its bar neighbor, the ’80s-themed club has been around for over a decade. Its plan now — after a last dance on July 28 — is to relocate to a twice-as-large downtown space on the 100 block of Main St.

That’s where developer Dan Zimmerman of NewForm Real Estate recently finished up renovations on the Raphael, Dorrance, and Brewster buildings — at 114, 110, and 108 Main, respectively — which he’s folded into a mixed-use complex dubbed Main & Co, pictured below:


Inside 108 — the red building — The Cottonmouth Club has been open since April. Fellow drinking spot Lily and Bloom is next door to it in the green Dorrance building that’s shown framed by trees.

Still being shopped around for lease: the ground-floor spot in the Raphael Building, to the left of Lily & Bloom. (Since coworking venue Foundry Club pulled out of a deal for the office space above that vacant ground floor, 17,000 sq.-ft. upstairs have also been available.) There’s also a a street-level space up for grabs in the 4-floor parking garage that wraps around the corner of Commerce St.

Photos: Zomato (Etro entrance); Wolfgang Demino [with permission] (Etro). NewForm: Main & Co

Anvil’s Other Half

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