Farmstead, a New Weekend Hotspot for Edible Gardening, Opens Later This Month in Acres Homes

Future Home of Farmstead, 6640 W. Montgomery Rd., Highland Heights, Acres Homes, Houston

Crews are hard at work converting the former hair salon (with 2-bedroom apartment upstairs, pictured above) at 6640 W. Montgomery Rd. in Highland Heights (aka the east side of Acres Homes) to an “edible garden center.” Farmstead is meant to become “the go-to spot for Houstonians wanting to grow their own food at home.” It’ll offer fruit trees, vegetable transplants, and herbs for purchase, along with seeds appropriate for this region. Plus gardening tools, supplies and DIY kits for raising your own garden bed above the gumbo line.


The store is a project of Edible Earth Resources, the landscape-gardening firm behind the gardens at restaurants Coltivare, Haven, the Brooklyn Athletic Club, and Pax Americana — as well as the Planted:Houston urban gardening effort. The team hopes an onsite kitchen at Farmstead will become the site of pop-up and themed dinners; it’ll also be available for cooking classes, to supplement other classes on gardening and grafting.

Photo: Edible Earth Resources

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  • I’m not particularly into gardening, my mother is, but this sounds like am awesome thing. And it makes sense to put it in Acres Homes, too, where there’s lots of land.
    I hope the have enough Gardeners up there for it to work out.

  • Plenty of people said Columbus was crazy…

  • Ok. Here come the comments about gentrifying another area.

  • I’m not endorsing any brand or trend but also like the idea of this business.
    I’m sure Acres Homes will gentrify – it’s close-in to town and low-density with mature trees – it’s got everything!

  • What a great reuse of a property. Glad it wasn’t torn down to make way for another townhome neighborhood

  • I like the idea of this, but as someone who has been growing his own food at home for years now in the urban core, there is not really sufficient demand to support another retail garden establishment. There are already numerous garden stores, clubs and sponsored events that sell appropriate seeds, plants, and garden supplies. Two of the best of these stores are located in the Heights. I just don’t see this succeeding as a retail establishment.

    The thing about gardening, and the reason so many cranky old men do it, is that it can be a very cheap hobby. If you save your own seeds, make your own compost, pull your own weeds, and water responsibly, you will very rarely (if ever) need to visit a store like this one.

  • @SuperDave, if its so cheap and easy, then why are there so many articles about lack of access to fresh vegetables for poor unemployed people living in neighborhoods with empty lots? Hmmm…