Fifth Category: The Swamplot Award for Special Achievement in Parking

Yesterday we opened up 2 more categories for the  Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate. So far we’ve got Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Demolitionthe “Where Are They Now?” Award, and Best Industrial Incident. Category number 5, opening this morning for nominations, is the Swamplot Award for Special Achievement in Parking. 

What has advanced the culture of parking in Houston? Has a game-changing garage or surface lot made waves on the scene? Or maybe you’ve noticed some less tangible contributions — perhaps serving to inspire new approaches to vehicle accommodation, or encapsulating a particular Houston parking zeitgeist.  Feel free to give this category any twists you think it deserves — just be sure to explain yourself when you send your picks our way.

To submit your nominees for this category, give us the what and why in the comments below. Or you can email us, instead— just do it by midnight this Thursday, December 8. More guidance on how to nominate can be found here.

The 2016 Swampies

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  • Parking added to Allen Parkway has been a game-changer!

  • Allen Parkway probably deserves it, but I’ll also nominate Heights Mercantile. When their 2016 request for a variance to the off-street parking ordinance set off a firestorm of people-might-park-in-front-of-my-house pearl-clutching, the developers solved the problem in the most predictable way: by buying two more buildings adjacent to the development, knocking them down, and putting a surface parking lot on Heights Blvd.

  • The Lancaster Hotel ‘s destruction of two gorgeous, century old downtown buildings to make way for a surface lot to hold 50 cars is a very special achievement.

  • Wow. Is everyone still sleeping off the Thanksgiving turkey? Come on people. This is a total softball.


    There is nothing that says “Houston” more that stuffing the eight wonder of the world and our greatest historic landmark full of parking.

  • I also vote for the Ed Emmett legacy project “Astrolot”

  • i nominate the astrodome as well. it is the perfect symbol of houston

  • the AstroPark Houstons two only identifiers the Astrodome and thousands of cars and slabs of concrete!