Fine Dining, 24-Hour Room Service and Butlers Toting Wine Coming to Mosaic on Almeda Rd.

FINE DINING, 24-HOUR ROOM SERVICE AND BUTLERS TOTING WINE COMING TO MOSAIC ON ALMEDA RD. davis-st-restaurant-mosaic-almeda A reader sends in this photo of Davis St. at Hermann Park, a fine-dining establishment officially opening Wednesday on the ground floor of the Mosaic on Hermann Park at 5925 Almeda Rd. According to our reader this stretch of Almeda —across the street from the park’s golf course and south of Binz St. — is something of a restaurant desert. “I am eagerly awaiting more variety than Fuddruckers & Luby’s” the reader says. Mosaic residents can avail themselves of 24-7 in-room dining, as well as  “private wine storage with handpicked wines from around the world by our in-house sommelier featuring 24-hour access through our bonded butler service.” Non-Mosaic-dwelling Houstonians will have to avail themselves of the restaurant’s fare in the dining room and during normal business hours. [Davis Street at Hermann Park] Swamplot inbox

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  • Fuddruckers and Luby’s? PUH-LEASE. The Mosaic is less than a mile away from Lucille’s, Museum Park Cafe, Bosta, Reggae Hut, Spanish Village and many, many more delicious restaurants.

  • Good! Perhaps now there will be fewer tradesmen’s trucks illegally parked every morning in heavy northbound traffic on Alameda, alongside the two fire hydrants and 6-8 no parking signs.

  • yeah, hate to be debbie downer here but i think houston may be headed towards another slow down. We’re certainly feeling the gut wrench.

  • The area around Hermann park is the most bizarre restaurant desert I have ever experienced. You have several attractions with multi-million annual attendance levels, yet there is nowhere to eat outside the park other than Luby’s and Fuddruckers. Want to grab some ice cream cones after leaving the zoo? Sorry, not for miles. We drive more than 5 miles and 10 minutes away from the park on 610 to pick up ice cream at a McDonald’s.

  • They’ve actually been open since around the middle of October in a soft opening. Food is great, prices are reasonable, management seems on point and staff are very friendly.

  • Restaurant desert? Try taking a walk in your walkable neighborhood to Chelsea Ave.

  • The neighborhood isn’t as much of a food desert as it has been in past years. Off the top of my head, I know of the following options: Alfreda’s Cafeteria, Bodega’s, Bosta, Café Express, Davis Street, food trucks by MFAH, Green Seed Vegan, Jade Stone Café, Kaffeine Coffee, Maxwell Street Grill, Museum Park Café, Number 1 Chicken Rice & Seafood, Monarch, Park Grill, Reggae Hut and Subway.
    Some of the eateries are tucked away in museums or hospitals, but they’re not hard to get to. If the reader really wanted an ice cream cone, he could have walked to the McDonald’s inside HMNS and purchased one.

  • @Brian S If you want something frozen, try the gelato at Luigi’s Pizzeria on Almeda

  • I was gonna say, the place may be lacking in a bunch of free-standing restaurants but the area is jam-packed with delis and cafe’s in every hospital, museum and office building with some of these open 24 hrs. certainly not a desert by any stretch of the imagination. it’s the same in most all cities from what I recall. the land around museum and park districts is always very expensive and not well fit for restaurants. as most all visitors to this area are already driving they can easily just book it a bit further and access everything in any of the dense commercial districts nearby or just simply eat at their destination. there’s just not enough population density and demand in our museum district for most all restaurants to risk the high expenses.

  • I wonder when Almeda will turn into Wash Ave?