Former Assisted Living Center Evicted from S. Main to Give Mister Car Wash Some Space

8800 S. Main St., NRG, Houston, 77025

The long-vacant former home of Samaritan Assisted Living was brought to the ground yesterday after demo crews got permission to knock it down, a reader tells Swamplot. The owners of the property at 8800 S. Main St. have been trying to get the scrawny strip (a full 68-by-640-ft. acre) into a new long-term ground-leasing relationship for at least the past year, and appear to have found one in September, per documents filed with the county — including a lease for a smidge less than the next 25 years  for an entity housed in Tuscon, AZ, which shares an address with the converted-church-school corporate headquarters of Mister Car Wash. 


Immediately to the left in the shot above are blue parking space markers of the former Regency Car Wash next door — which itself became a Mister Car Wash in April when the property changed hands. To the south of the car wash is that imposter property at 8900 Main St., still being advertised on LoopNet as 8800 and as for sale.  To the right is the Haven on Main apartments; the 256 unit complex is still being wrapped up, according to the developer’s website.

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Post-demolition photo at 8800 S. Main St.: Brian W

Car Wash Cleanout

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  • T’was indeed an eyesore …. even a car wash parking lot will be an improvement.

  • i don’t know if its this car wash or another one right in this area, but every weekend there is a long line of cars along main waiting to get their car washed.

  • htownproud – that is this car wash, always long lines. They seem to be building a car wash right next door to this one, called Key West. I have a feeling that new car wash will replace the old one and these two lots will be combined for a larger project.