Friday Group Photo Feature: The Corner of Harrisburg and Wayside

A big thank you to our photographers this week: russell.hancock, biggsbean, can-da-chee garcia, Lizard666, eg66tex, and xnomad. What’d they do? Capture an East End neighborhood on pixels for us.

And here is their work, all from within 500 ft. of the intersection of Harrisburg Blvd. & Wayside Dr.: Swamplot’s 5th group photo feature.

How does it look?


Too many great pix to choose from! Here’s a slideshow of all the photos that were submitted:

Got a question or a comment about any of these photos or scenes? Sound off below! And if you’d like to take part in a group photo feature, grab your camera or cameraphone and come on out on the next assignment!

Photos (top to bottom): russell.hancock, russell.hancock, biggsbean, can-da-chee garcia, russell.hancock, Lizard666, Lizard666, Lizard666, Lizard666, eg66tex, xnomad, biggsbean, can-da-chee garcia, russell.hancock, russell.hancock, russell.hancock, biggsbean

5 Comment

  • It looks the way it always has and probably always will. It’s like going to Mexico. Meant in the nicest way possible.

  • I love the photo of the onion-seller truck. Why? The truck’s canopy reminds me of my grandfather, who was a produce man. He had a dark green Dodge pickup for which he fabricated a pole & canvas cover, useful when the bed was loaded with produce. He hung his scale from one of the crosspoles. It was very clever. But this man’s total-truck canopy is even better. I still miss my Zayde but I remember him every time I go to Canino’s…so close to Brooke Smith!

  • You often hear people lament that Houston doesn’t have much in the way of urban style mixed use, pedestrian friendly areas with residential within walking distance to commercial and public transportation, storefronts designed for pedestrians and not cars, etc. Maybe it does, just not always where you expect it.

  • @Modern: Mostly you just hear that from white people. Brown people know better; walking and bus riding is for people who can’t afford cars and gringos/honkies that don’t know any better.

  • Bravo, photogs!