Friday Group Photo Feature: The Corner of West 43rd and Ella

What’s going on at the corner of West 43rd St. and Ella in Oak Forest? A team of Swamplot photographers went to find out.

This is their report. It’s also known as Swamplot’s 3rd group photo feature. How’s it looking?


A slideshow showing all the submitted photos:

A big thank you to all of our participating photographers!

If you have questions or comments about any of the images — or the area — add them below! And if you’d like to snap some pix of your own, please join Swamplot’s group of roving camera snappers for next week’s assignment!

Photos (top to bottom): samstreet, russell.hancock, russell.hancock, scullarledford, samstreet, samstreet, samstreet, North of East, North of East, North of East, North of East, samstreet, samstreet, samstreet, and russell.hancock. Graphic: Mr. Kimberly [license]

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  • several of the best shops at that intersection have been overlooked. there’s now a fantastic upscale wine bar and bistro called Plonk, the Starbucks, Massage Envy, a nice dentist’s office, a new Ross being built out, the big nice Kroger, and more. why the washateria is considered a highlight i’ll never know.

  • I can’t decide which speaks more of Houston: brand new empty store fronts, the omnipresent bank branch, or fat ladies on scooters. I am partial to the scooters.

    beep beep!

  • The washateria is the primary focal point of the south side strip, now that the Palais Royal has made way for the new Ross. The plasma center might ultimately be the bigger draw with respect to foot traffic, but I’m more experienced with doing laundry in the ‘018 than I am with selling my precious humours.

  • These photos are so neat and the production quality of pictures is outstanding! Liked the ones from Kirby, too. My favorite is red wing shoe sign & scooter gals. Looking forward to next week.

  • I was going to suggest to Mek Ju that the washeteria pictures probably evoked a specific memory of feeling to the picture taker, and after reading Nord’s post, it appears I was correct.In my case seeing the picture of the Red Wing Shoe Store evokes memories of a nine year old child in 1959, sitting at the soda fountain of the Madings drugstore which was original to this spot of that particular center. I was always happiest when the banana split special of drawing a price on a piece of paper from a fishbowl came along. Perhaps that is what is most interesting about this new photo feature. For long time Houstonians those major corners have many memories, despite the many changes that have taken place over the years, and it is nice to be reminded of them.

  • Dang! Missed this… I live right there! Yes there is Plonk, and um, Shipley’s down at the next light. Nothing else of interest. Try the Petrol Station over at Wakefield and Golf (a stone’s throw) for great coffee, beer on tap & food.

  • Oh and El Rey!