Galveston Damage Map

Hurricane Ike Damage Assessment Map of Galveston East of 61st St.

FEMA-approved colors liven up this property-damage-assessment map for 24,000 structures in Galveston.

The red areas are “unsafe; leaning; structurally unsound; completely destroyed; collapsed or structure missing.”

Yellow means “general interior flooding; wind damage; or significantly damaged, but repairable.”

And green means go! “No damage or only minor damage; or missing siding; shingles; handrails; breakaway walls.”

The gray areas? “Flood zone.”

More colorful maps of other Hurricane-Ike-hit areas of the city are available on the City of Galveston website.

3 Comment

  • Yeah, I saw that. Flood zone? What does that mean? I thought some of the Seawall businesses were open again.

  • I think grey means:
    ‘whatever/gonna flood again/no sense spending the time to assess it.”

  • Actually, Zone ‘x’ is not a flood zone at all. Check the Fema definition:

    An area that is determined to be outside the 100- and 500-year floodplains.