Top Comments of the Week: Unimaginable Standards

Some of our commenters have been on a tear lately! A few reader quips from the past week:

  • Daily Demolition Report: Destruction at the Place Vendome
    From Robert: “I don’t know who is killing the great apartments of Europe, but are they for hire to kill a few by me?”
  • Styling the Bistro Vino Condo Tower: Low Voter Turnout
    From kjb434: “What’s wrong with the faux modern, Mediterranean, etc. designs? Why does every project have to meet some unimaginable architectural standard? If every new building or structure met this standard, then there would be truly no unique and great buildings. Having a sea of average designs only make the better ones stand out more.
  • Weekend Open House Tour: North Edgemont and Vassar Place
    From Robert: “A pretentious acquaintance bought a hideous stucco faux-chateau McMansion in that area. Of course you have to be polite & say it is nice, which of course it would be, as the centerpiece of a Florida amusement park.
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Off Center
    From Robert: “Toile fabric, pastel-ish pale greens, yellows, and oriental china blues. It is unmistakably the bastion of some waspy we-need-more-fiber-in-our-diet and a memo that Laura Ashley went out with the Clintons type of location.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: At a 90
    From K: “This will probably out me as a total WASP with a perverse love for all things 1980s, but I heart that entire house. I HEART IT. It looks clean — it looks like it smells clean — yet it looks inviting. I want to curl up inside of it with a book and never leave. Go ahead and mock me… :D”