Galveston Historical Foundation Closes On Bishop’s Palace

GALVESTON HISTORICAL FOUNDATION CLOSES ON BISHOP’S PALACE With the Moody Foundation’s $1.5 million donation as a nice starter, the Galveston Historical Foundation was able to raise the rest of the $3 million it needed to buy the 1892 Bishop’s Palace from the Catholic archdiocese and keep it open as a museum. Designed by Nicholas Clayton for Col. Walter Gresham, the 17,420-sq.-ft. Victorian¬†mansion at the corner of 14th and Broadway had housed clergy since 1921 before the foundation opened it up for tours. The Houston Chronicle reports that the archdiocese plans to use the windfall to renovate the St. Mary’s Basilica, also in in Galveston, while the foundation “plans to restore the roof, the front of the building and do repainting [and] other general repairs” to the Palace. [Houston Chronicle ($); previously on Swamplot] Photo: Galveston Historical Foundation

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  • This is really a win-win-win (for GHF, the archdiocese, and for Galveston); the GHF gets a historic building on the cheap and ensures it’s not a private home, the archdiocese shucks an expensive secular building and gets the cash it needs to fix up the devastated co-cathedral, and the City gets two iconic structures now owned and maintained by those in the best position and with the interest to do so.

  • This is good news and I plan to visit it when it reopens. IMO it has always been a beautiful and interesting place although I have never been inside.

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  • I’m happy that the sale was successful. As Jason C pointed out, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. I love those. More than that, I wonder of this could be a valuable precedent.
    With the bankruptcy, people in Detroit are talking about shutting down the City’s art museum. But instead of shutting it down and selling off the art, what if they sold the whole thing, lock stock and barrel, for 2/3 or 3/4 what it’s worth, with the stipulation that it must remain open and can’t relocate?