Garden Oaks Doll House

Den, 1317 Sue Barnett Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston

This home on Sue Barnett went on the market in early February for $410,000, but it’s only been downhill since. It’s been listed since July at $375K.

The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and claims 1,872 sq. ft. The lot, however, is more than 17,000 sq. ft. How many prospective buyers in Garden Oaks will be looking long or hard at the home’s 1950 Ranch pedigree — or the singular collection of dolls and figurines inside?

More pics of the Sue Barnett Doll Ranch, after the jump!


Den, 1317 Sue Barnett Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston

Living Room, 1317 Sue Barnett Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston

1317 Sue Barnett Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston

1317 Sue Barnett Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston

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  • The perfect house to bulldoze!

    Put up a real house in it’s place!

  • Bless their hearts. Don’t they know about “home staging”? A potential buyer couldn’t get past the front door.

  • Hey. Ya’ll. C’mon. Isn’t your special expertise to see thru the kitsch to the potential of a property?? It’s like a free-pass when a well-cared-for property goes up for sale. Give the poor homeowner a freakin break: 50 years of crap is part of
    the price-tag.

  • This has to be some old lady’s house, or at the very least a house which belonged to an old lady and now belongs to her kids who are trying to cash in. Their agent has done them a disservice though, by not forcing them to clear the house of its junk. Maybe they’ve never heard of public storage or an estate sale?

  • I love how they set the new flat panel tv right on top of the antique tv cabinet, which still houses the dead set. Although, maybe the old tv works too – picture AND picture!

  • I don’t think it belongs to an old lady. I’m picturing Jean Teasdale from the Onion. This house screams “lower-middle-class, moderately overweight woman who smothers her life in girly-girly pink ruffles, with blue-collar husband who’s too tired of objecting to the awfulness to even notice anymore but will just go drink beer outside.” I think I just described half my Louisiana relatives.

  • I represents half of my La relatives too!


  • omigosh! you people are so mean! don’t make me come over there!

  • Do I hear ‘estate sale’???

  • Anyone gotta match???