Gaslight Won’t Be Turned On Again

GASLIGHT WON’T BE TURNED ON AGAIN The operator of Gaslight News & Video at 3519 Bellaire has achieved the distinction of being the first person to receive a criminal conviction as a result of Houston’s sexually oriented business ordinance, which was passed in 1997 but cleared court challenges only more recently. Eugene Etheridge has been prohibited from reopening the store. “The arcade, which consisted of individual pornographic video viewing booths, was closed last summer after the city obtained an injunction against his operation. Etheridge voluntarily closed his adult retail shop at the same location. Defense attorney Phllip Slaughter said Etheridge has been released on bond pending appeal. Etheridge, 60, continues to face civil and criminal cases stemming from his operation of a second sexually oriented business, the Big City News & Video at 10105 Gulf Freeway.” [Houston Chronicle, via Hair Balls]