Giant Fish Mouth To Get Filled Tonight at Orange Show’s New Park in Third Ward


Lindley Fish at Smither ParkThe street-sign-strip-tiled interior of the toothy structure above will host musicians and speakers this evening during the opening-party-slash-fundraiser for Smither Park, the narrow stretch of art-filled greenspace on Munger St. next door to the Orange Show. The park, backed up against the Pallet-Ops warehouse and laydown yard on Gulf Terminal Rd., is crammed full of other visual and tactile oddities, including an under-development marble run, a meditation garden, a boxy events pavilion, and a dragon-topped bench-swing swingset, all backed by the 400 feetmosaic-encrusted walls running along the edge of most of the space.

Photos: Orange Show

Orange Show Green Space

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  • I had no idea about the Orange Show, or this park, until I stumbled upon it during a run a few months ago. The Orange Show is kinda creepy, but this park is neat.

  • Munger Street isn’t Third Ward. Its a weird little pocket between Eastwood and Gulfgate/Pine Valley.

  • i went to the party friday night. it really was more of a fundraiser than an opening considering the park has been open to anybody for a while now, and the artwork still isn’t even close to being done. its a really cool place to visit. i was talking to somebody there and they made it sound like the pallet lot behind the park had been purchased and there were plans to expand the park and the artwork into that new lot. it’ll probably take another decade though :)