Going in Next to Reef in Midtown: Barcadia

Heading into the former dealership back office at 2600 Travis near McGowen, one door down from the old Pontiac and Oldsmobile showroom that’s now home to Reef: a second installation of Barcadia, a bar-arcade-restaurant amalgamation begun in Dallas. The original location, just a few hours’ drive up I-45, offers an entire wall of eighties arcade games, brunch, a couple-dozen beers on tap, and a vaguely retro-carnival interior. A company website declares the Houston branch will be opening this summer, but a quick glance at the progress of construction in the 3,000-plus-sq.-ft. interior makes it easy to imagine a debut later than that.


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  • Ugh. Thanks for the warning.

  • Not since I was 13 years old, have I liked this concept. I agree with CdL, UGH!!!

  • What, they couldn’t find a space to rent on Washington?

  • If they have the “Sea Wolf” arcade game, I’ll stop by at least once. So, this place isn’t going to smell like stale popcorn, sweaty teenagers, and Old Spice, will it?

  • actually, it is a pretty cool place to hang out in Dallas. This description does not do it justice.

  • I’m so glad we did not let one single post on Swamplot go by this week with throwing a few spoonfulls of hate on it. Thanks guys. Glad to hear there are people out there that HATE video games and fun. Y’all are a breath of fresh air on a warm muggy summer day.

    Keep the HATE ALIVE! And please…stay hydrated with lots of HATER-ADE!

  • this is why we never get anything fun. i am always amazed to find more entertainment options in cities smaller than houston.

  • Good luck doing battle with Reef on the Parking. They may think they are tough but they will meet their match with the Reef owners.

  • This place sounds awesome! You fellow commenters are crazy… I know I’ll be going! I’ll just walk there to avoid parking.

  • Pretty cool places to hang out and Dallas don’t go together.

  • Like a Dave and Buster’s without the charm?

  • I went to one the Dallas and had a damn good time. It’s really just a generic bar, but with row of arcade games lined up along a bunch of the walls. What’s not to like?

    Grab your friends. Grab some cocktails. Grab some beer. Throw in a bunch of quarters. = FUN.

  • If you want the REAL Deal Arcade experience come by the Houston Arcade Expo Oct 8th & 8th!

    OVER 200 Pinball, arcade and Console games on free play!




  • There’s an arcade warehouse downtown right near Minute Maid that’s open occasionally and hosts parties – they have a bar and all the games are free for a set admission. That is super fun, even for someone like me who has never really enjoyed video games. Not sure if I’ll check this place out though – that area is a pain in the butt.

  • Swamplot readers really suck some times. They bitch, whine, and moan that Houston can’t be more like other big cities. Then when Houston gets more entertainment options they bitch whine and moan that it isn’t the exact thing THEY want. Get over it. Big cities have stuff. And some of that stuff you may not like.

    Get yourself to Austin…They’ve done a nice job of appealing to a narrow demographic.

  • Actually sounds like a nice change of pace. Not too high brow, but having a beer while playing Galaga might be okay for an evening. As long as it doesn’t become the latest Bro-fest.

  • BROFEST 2010!!!!!

    Drink beers, wear dragon T’s and play video games.

    Boom! Chestbump. I’m out.

  • You can find the Galaga/Miss Pac Man combo machines pretty easily around town, but if they have Dig-Dug and Spy Hunter then I’ll put up with a little douche-ness.

  • I find it funny how everyone bitches about Washington Ave and Midtown yet establishments outside those two douchetropolises fail miserably.

    Here’s a wake up call: Based on the status quo, you people are either responsible for the douches and the douche magnet places, or far more likely, you ARE unwitting douches and you haven’t realized it yet.

  • I hope they get some shooting games like Time Crisis 3.

  • Barcadia Dallas is a hit, try lifesize Jenga with Shots!! Houstonions sound a little uptight and boring to me, why don’t you live a little and try something outside your BUBBLE, you might have some fun!