Guess Where Walter’s on Washington Is Moving!

GUESS WHERE WALTER’S ON WASHINGTON IS MOVING! Here are your clues: It’ll be “downtown” in a 1928 “warehouse,” and have twice the floor space of the current Walter’s at 1425 Washington Ave. It will have free parking and will be “removed from residential areas.” Beyond that, owner Pam Robinson isn’t saying — until TABC approves the new location: “The venue has shows booked deep into the fall. There will be no cancellations. As soon as the new space — which Robinson hopes to announce in the next week or two — is ready, Walter’s shows will move there.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]

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  • I like the sound of all of that. It’s kind of sad watching good ‘ole dumpy Washington clean up to something so High and Snobby, but I like the idea of more music venues downtown too.

  • I’m guessing this isn’t so much “downtown” as east of downtown.

  • I’m with Ian on this.

    I’m glad to see it will not close down permanently. Having various live music venues is always a plus for a city. House of Blues is nice for more nationally know acts, but venues for local and regional bands are vital for any music scene.

    I’m not directly involved in a lot of this scene, but I have several friends that only listen to non-label music and love spending nights watching live bands perform.

  • Seems like the best candidates would be near-north over where St Arnolds is setting up their new facility, or east side behind the convention centre.

  • Actually, Dani is probably right. I was thinking more central (I always love it when the Houston Press holds their music awards on Main Street), but east downtown is becoming more of a music district with Warehouse Live and the Meridian (and, of course, Superhappyfunland a little farther east). I was under the impression that area was getting rather expensive though. . .am I wrong? All those new warehouse->loft transformations?

  • Was there for a show 2 weeks ago (Bowerbirds!). Walters was one of the last places in the neighborhood where you could go out in a t-shirt and shitty sneakers.

    At this point, the only non-douchey bar in the area now is The Usual in the former “massage parlor” off Allen and TC Jester.

    Thank God for that place.

  • For the “Massage Parlor” or the Bar..?

  • Very funny, Hugo.

    The bar. It’s no longer a “massage parlor.”

  • I’ve seen the same rumor regarding the new location a few different places yesterday, though who knows if it’s just people repeating bad info. In any case, the owner has said: “Hopefully it’s in an area where there’s never been live music or any bars or anything like that.” Which rules out some areas mentioned above.

  • Typo above – I meant “since yesterday”. And I like the Usual, too, but I also like Dubliner. Especially for their parking lot and patio.

  • Thanks for humoring me Bob2! :)

  • Rent/taxes already high in downtown proper..why there? Not all warehouses have been converted. Some still vacant. My guess is EaDo.

  • really hoping it’s the north warehouse area near last concert and the new st. arnold’s brewery… that area has some potential

  • here’s hoping for the warehouse district north of downtown… walter’s would make an excellent addition to that area along with last concert and the new st. arnold’s

  • Any updates on the new location of Walter’s?