Harts Going, Going, Going . . . to Prison

HARTS GOING, GOING, GOING . . . TO PRISON Auctioneers and swindlers Jerry and Wynonne Hart will begin serving their 14-year prison sentences “within days,” after an appeals court reversed a decision that would have given the former owners of the Hart Galleries on South Voss a new trial. The Harts pled guilty to “misapplication of fiduciary property” 2 years ago, in return for prosecutors dropping theft and money-laundering charges against them. Prosecutors claim the Harts sold customers’ goods at auction but regularly underpaid or otherwise finagled their way out of distributing the proceeds. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Hart Galleries

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  • Be sure your sins will find you out.

    I’ll send this link to my former mother-in-law, to whom they owe ~$5k.

    Maybe she can turn that into a hearty stew.

  • Never fear. They’ll probably get released early, or depending on who managed to stick by them meaning who they have dirt on possibly get a pardon from the governor, change their name to something else the way Lea Fastow has, open another auction house or antiques shop and hire a good publicist and be back in business and in society pages in no time.

  • The charges were absolutely true. They took merchandise to auction and then would pay you – maybe – a year later, or better, tell you that you’d never consigned anything to them when in fact, you had. My mother had personal experience with this couple. And if you ever got on the wrong side of Wynonne, you’d better watch your back. Serious ball buster. Jerry: serious ball busted. I’m sure she’s thriving in prison. Probably started a new business like all good cons. Thank God the court didn’t buy into their pathetic pleas.