Heights Bike Lab Expands, Opens Shop Near UH in East End

Long a fixture on White Oak in the Heights, the Blue Line Bike Lab has opened a second location in the East End. In early November, the repair shop and retailer moved into a suite that had been gutted for a CrossFit gym at 740 Telephone Rd. in the Tlaquepaque Market, a little more than a mile from U of H. The shopping center, bound on the east by Lockwood and on the west by Dumble, might not be the most obvious location for pedal-pushing hipsters looking for a fixie: next door, as the photo above shows, is Space City Hearing Aids. But Bohemeo’s is just a few doors down and Thai restaurant Kanomwan is tucked in there somewhere, as well. And the East End has had two railroad right-of-ways transformed into hike and bike trails. Paul Dale, one of the lab’s resident gearheads, says, “We’re betting on the neighborhood.”

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Blue Line’s not just a cool-guy shop, either. I have frequented Blue Line many times for regular-people bike needs: the guys (and gals) there, without exception, are friendly and helpful. They are very fair on parts and labor and love to talk about bikes, any kind of bikes.
    Once the Hike and Bike trails are more integrated, across the inner loop and beyond, people will wonder why there wasn’t always a bike shop on the East Side.

  • Seems everything is finally heading East. Have considered it myself as teh Heights transforms into something I was counting on twenty years ago when I arrived in the hood. High property values yes, but along with that all the negatives that come with it.

  • Blue Line hosted an opening party a couple of weeks ago and was a great host. They are a solid shop and you’ll get great service from these guys. This new shop is huge and I wish them great success!

  • Some very good guys who care about their customers and their business. I’m sure they will find success in their new location!

  • Blue Line are solid folks. Great for the community. Always support the big bike stuff in the city and MS150. Again, always done top notch work for me

  • I’ve always thought the folks around UH should TRY to start a college vibe close to campus. Good luck.

  • I’m hoping the “East” starts to shape up. Montrose got very expensive (to buy, build, or rent), which pushed people to the Heights, which is feeling the same pressure. Now people are going east.
    I’ve seen properties that are a few miles from downtown rent for $500. The area sucks, yes, but shouldn’t stay that way forever.