Here’s James Harden and a TV Commercial Crew Showing What Montrose’s Siphon Coffee Looks Like as a Pizza Joint

Minus the crew of bearded lookalikes with whom he toured the Galleria earlier this year, Houston Rockets guard James Harden shows off a pizzeria-ized Siphon Coffee in this just-released ad spot for Foot Locker. The coffee shop at 701 W. Alabama St., which normally features no boxed items on its menu, was transformed into a pizza spot for a day-long shoot on November 9th.


James Harden Ordering Pizza at Siphon Coffee, 701 Richmond Ave., Montrose, Houston

Video and still: Foot Locker

Rocket Redo

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  • Off topic: California runs commercials to get people signed up for its health insurance. On one of the spots, there is a florist talking about how happy he is to have this insurance. The floist looks JUST LIKE James Harden

  • That beard is so nasty, it looks like a brillow pad that was dug out of the disposal. It’s seriously gross and Christ, he has no idea when or when not to shoot, he’s a highly paid playground chucker, he’ll shoot from anywhere at anytime. Not a fan.

  • Harden’s all over the commercial circuit lately, it seems. He and Orbit were in an ESPN commercial recently, too.

  • Hilarious. Glad he knows how not to take himself too seriously.

  • Me and James once were on a covert mission in roman….oh I’ve spoke too much