Here’s That Video of Robert Durst Peeing on the Candy Display in the Rice Village CVS

Remember that incident last July when real estate investor and renowned neighbor-dismemberer Robert Durst — the Rice Village’s best-known resident — decided to spread his own bodily fluids in the CVS at 6011 Kirby Dr.? Thanks to the enterprising and patient reporting team at KPRC, surveillance video of the episode is now available for all to see. Together with the shocking scene included at the end of the HBO documentary The Jinx — in which Durst, retreating to the bathroom from an interview while wearing a still-live mic, appears to confess to multiple murders — the footage paints a portrait of a man prone to urination surprises. Durst pleaded no contest to charges of criminal mischief for the CVS episode, after he allegedly exposed himself to a cashier and then peed on a display of candy.

The newly released footage isn’t the clearest (and mercifully, any potentially offending images are blurred out) but it does reveal a few things, including where Durst stood when he began urinating — in case that matters to future customers of that CVS Pharmacy.


The video shows him standing at one end of the checkout counter, where the gum, candy, and breath mints were apparently arrayed on a display below it and him.

Durst chose to relieve himself adjacent to a cash register — perhaps the most camera-friendly spot in the store. Footage from 2 separate angles provides overhead and side views of his activities.

Durst’s lawyers have dubbed the episode a “medical mishap.” The video may be at issue in an evidentiary hearing covering the incident scheduled for today in New Orleans, where Durst is being held on federal gun-possession charges.

Video: Click2Houston

Where It All Went Down

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  • i see a future houston hipster selfie spot!

  • I like how the guy behind him just takes a couple of steps back when he starts…

  • If only we could get a famous lunatic to urinate in every CVS in Houston.

  • I think everyone who bumped elbows with him here in Houston knew he was a ‘neighbor dismemberer’ and might be dangerous.
    So he was given wide berth.
    But crap! he might have peed on us at any moment!