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  • Amazingly enough that is perhaps the least interesting of the HAR photos. What’s up with all the shots of the dude with the guitar?

  • Im trying to figure out the selection of pictures used in this listing.

  • Those are pictures from a Rush concert. I guess the realtor accidentally loaded them when he posted the picture of the fire damaged house on har.com. Certainly makes for a surreal listing.

  • That picture they posted is of the wrong home. The house in the picture is on my street and is currently being rebuilt by the owner.
    The Green Springs house was struck by lightning last August and didn’t burn as badly. I wonder why they chose to use a picture of a different home….

  • Lol! It’s a “Rush” job, literally. HAR requires photos be uploaded within a few days of posting the listing, or the realtor gets fined. That’s what our realtor told us when his new assistant accidentally put our listing active early. He had to rush to get poor-ass photos uploaded before his photographer could get there, because of it.