Homebuilders Playing Through Old Katy Golf Course

HOMEBUILDERS PLAYING THROUGH OLD KATY GOLF COURSE Just flip the sand traps to sandboxes and the water hazards to water features, and you’re most of the way there: A 440-home master-planned community, reports The Rancher’s Zach Haverkamp, is aimed for the site of the old Green Meadows Golf Course in Katy: Lennar Homes, Meritage Homes, and Village Builders have started construction on the first model homes of the Falls at Green Meadows on the 242-acre, 36-hole course groomed out of the prairie near Franz Rd. and Avenue D. The course was open from 1965 to 2008. Developer Tim Fitzpatrick tells Haverkamp: “We wanted to be in the heart of Katy, and if you look around, this is one of the few tracts . . . that remain.” [The Rancher] Photo: Zach Haverkamp

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  • FINALLY a master-planned suburban community of reasonably-priced, uniformly designed homes by large corporate homebuilders. I sure hope Sherwin Williams still manufactures Unoffensive Beige in 500-gallon vats. The only issue I could possibly see with this is those horrible trees, I hope the developers have the good sense to clear-cut the neighborhood before they get started.


  • I just figured out why I like suburbs…I prefer to lay my head in a place that’s quiet, uniform, predictable, and stable (But party in town). Living in Montrose is like living in a college dorm, someone is always making noise, fighting, pulling pranks, staging protests, and then after a couple of years leave.

  • I’ll tell ya, country clubs and cemeteries biggest wasters of prime real estate.

  • The wooded course was fun, the links, not so much.

  • As much as I don’t understand the desire to live out that way unless you work there, this makes good sense because there isn’t much like this on that side of I-10, most of the newer development being on the south side.

  • @ Drew J,

    I have a pool and a pond, pond will be good for you

  • Drew J:
    I’ll tell ya, country clubs and cemeteries biggest wasters of prime real estate.

    My partial solution: Combine the two! All you have to do is build a couple of extra holes (a 20 or 21 hole golf course) so you can close a hole or two when a hole is “needed” to welcome a new permanent resident.

    Markers (flush to the ground, of course) can double as distance markers. (“It used to be an 8 iron from ole Ted to the green for me, but now it seems to be a 7”).

    Perpetual maintenance? No problem! Additional revenue for the facility? No doubt!

    Just remember where you heard it first.

  • @commonsense; Obviously city living is not for everybody and your reasons for preferring suburban living are solid. But you lost me when you said that you come into the city to party. Why do suburban tourists feel like they can act as they please when they’re inside the Loop? I don’t think you’d like it one bit if a bunch of us city folks came to your part of town, acted like assholes and then went back home.

  • @roadchick, it’s like “why do you rob banks? Because that’s where the money is!”
    Inner city is like Vegas, the image is that you go there for boose, hookers, and generally degenerative behavior, and then go peacefully to sleep in your quiet home in the suburbs, while someone else cleans up the mess.

  • Because God forbid you suburbanites should clean up after yourselves, right?
    I guess it’s all equal in the end. You have to fight traffic to and from work every day. Those of us who live closer in don’t. I just wish you guys would stop using your own mess as a reason to dis our neighborhoods.