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  • Squinted my eyes out of pain and suddenly this pattern reminds me of one fateful new years eve. YUCK!

  • kill it with fire

  • Needs glitter . . . and bees

  • The only thing more horrid than the wallpaper is the location, it a block away from the most dangerous apartment complexes in the city.

  • I don’t understand the impulse to put shaggy carpet and tons of fabric in the one room where it’s all but guaranteed to get mildewed and smelly. And wallpaper?!? In the most humid place in the house?

  • Extra credit for sticking that crap to the ceiling. If you are gonna do it, go all the way!

  • LOVE this house. It looks like a set from Knots Landing.

  • Sweet Jeebus, I just got back from my aunt’s house in the country, and her guest bath looks almost exactly like this! Well, except that it doesn’t have a window, and the wallpaper is striped instead of flowered. I thought of this post every morning as I sat there perusing the Reader’s Digest from April 2012.