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  • So Hugh lives in the pantry? How Harry Potter-esque.

  • Stuffed animals over the doors are one thing but it’s obviously quite unusual for (presumed) sellers and their children to be included in the listing pics.

  • The pressure to be friendly and social with my neighbors and to exhibit year-round cheerfulness would be too much to bear. Would prefer to move into a home where the previous owner was outwardly hostile and universally unliked.

  • Speechless.

  • I’m gobsmacked. Let’s tell all the creeps out there exactly where these little girls live.

  • The listing agent is the owner and you would think that HE would know better! Shame on him.

  • Umm… why are they using pictures from 2003-2004? What does the place look like today?

  • Using some photos from ’03 and ’04 may not be a good idea. If the carpet was new in ’03, then it’s not new now.

  • No books to be seen,
    Just Disney on the TV;
    Sad, learning deferred.

  • Sickening & creepy. What the pics tell me is the seller/broker doesn’t know the line between what’s professional and inappropriate. Children in swimsuits? Stuffed animals everywhere? The damn dog? And the “party zone” driveway tells me there’s no place else for their precious little angel to play since the teensy backyard is wall-to-wall pool. Makes me wonder where the dog does his business since everything behind the driveway gate seems to be paved. And moldings rivaling the White House? Huh? Didn’t know everything there was off-the-shelf, too. If they’re as cozy with the neighbors as portrayed in the listing, that’s the LAST place I’d want to live.

  • Couldn’t agree with kt2le more. A family man I am, but this is not the kind of place I would want to live in.