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  • $375K for that, way the hell out there? HCAD hits it at $157K, so maybe, maybe $200K, but its not going to bring what they are asking in that area…

  • I like the updates and upkeep here, but those kids’ bedrooms are not restful at all! Especially the ‘behind bars in the big city’ ‘orange is the new black’ nursery!!

  • Why would someone commission a mural of the Pasadena skyline in their baby’s room?

  • TexMex, HCAD has no relation whatsoever to actual value. My house is appraised at 40% below market value.

  • Considering the location (look on a map or Google Earth), I’m surprised that the asking price is that low!

  • Tex: I’m not an expert in home values in that area but you gotta stop being that guy who points to hcad as any worthwhile metric as to if a home is priced accurately or not.
    I had a fourplex in Montrose that was valued 25% less than the identical fourplex next door. Mine was on a corner lot, and in much better shape. The other was vacant and boarded up. The difference was I protested my value each year, the other owner did not.

  • F*** HCAD…. period.

  • HCAD valuation is a joke. Cody has it right, protest every single year. You won’t always be successful and you’ll usually feel jilted if you’ve done your research; the outcome is fairly random actually; but you’ll definitely be better off than the guy that let sleeping dogs lie.

    (One caveat though, its probably not in your interest to protest if you have something on their property that they don’t know about and that they might be able to discern from either top-down or oblique-angle aerial imagery during the hearing. That’s the one scenario that might backfire on you.)