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  • The unit has nice views and the style is certainly eclectic, but the mix of residents in the building is notorious. It’s a mix of elderly people, white rappers, trust fund babies, douchebags with baseball caps sideways and 24″ rims, and the non stop stream of hookers. Oh, the stories that those walls could tell.

  • Leather walls? In a bathroom? I mean, how the hell do you keep those things clean? The upkeep must be a nightmare. Yeah, I know, if you can afford the condo, you can afford a cleaning service. But still, does not strike me as a smart idea.

    I agree with commonsense, the views are lovely. But isn’t this the condo building that had issues with the decorative crown on top?

  • Rich and Famous Injury Attorney…yes he can afford to live there…big time….notorius, I hardly think so…not at these prices…you must be confusing it with 2016 Main….

  • yes, this is Royalton building with crown issues up top. Not sure what ever was decided but I live nearby. I think this building went bankrupt already.

  • The hunting trophies have more color than the rest of the 4000+ sq ft combined.

  • Is that a zebra head? Really?

  • It looks like the tear-down on Branard has a bigger kitchen. I guess rich people don’t cook.

  • Enough with the fisheye lens, already. Yikes!

  • $24,000 a year in maintenance fees!

  • Massage and wine room combo makes my head explode.

  • I don’t think that is the same Michael Callahan as the plaintiff attorney, I think it’s just a coincedence. Callahan has money, but I don’t think he has THAT much. I could be wrong though.

  • Says year built 2012, but I know this building has been there at least 6 or 7 years. How do they get away with that?

  • The owner is the attorney referenced above…not the agent Callahan. And yes, commonsense is correct about the tenants…

  • Brooke Smith Too:

    Which “Rich and Famous” plaintiff attorney? There is a plaintiff attorney named Michael Callahan and that is who I though Gary above was talking about. I knew that Michael Callahan most likely referred to the agent.

  • no one said Michael Callahan lived there..girls get your fact straight…or at least look it up on HCAD

  • How is he going to get 3.5 million for this place when HCAD has it listed at 1.2 million?

  • Full disclosure, I’m a resident of the building. I’m 30 and in the oil business, but I’d say the prevailing demographic groups are divorced or empty nest businesspeople, young attorneys, junior I-bankers, and the occasional athlete. (People who work downtown, mostly, for obvious reasons)

    I have yet to encounter any “rappers” of any hue (though it is possible that Bobby Sura or Vince Young have been confused for them), and I suspect that most residents would sneer disdainfully at a baseball cap turned sideways.

    I also suspect that most women of the mercenary stripe are more of the long-term variety than the hourly kind.

    As for the bankruptcy discussion, I’m not sure how it’s possible for a co-op with no debt to go bankrupt, but I guess you can make up anything and say it on the internet.

  • I’m enjoying the confusion about who Michael Callihan is, btw.

    I mean, there’s a picture of a person *on HAR* under the the heading “Realtor” with the label “Michael Callihan” under the picture. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he’s the realtor.

    I realize the public schools in this city aren’t the best in the country but Jesus.

  • MC:

    I guess when Gary referenced the attorney that “lived there” he was talking about…well, the person that lived there and thus presumably the owner (who it’s not too hard to figure out also happens to be a fairly well known lawyer)…rather than the listing agent you keep talking about (and whose name is similar, but not identical to a different lawyer). My head hurts….