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  • Excellent! Will be adding this into the kitchen remodel next year.

  • It seems like the standard marketing protocol in homes like this is to always refer to the kitchen as a “cook’s kitchen” or “chef’s kitchen”. Maybe I’m just being pedantic, but a home cook/chef really doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles (48″ gas range with double ovens, huge built-in fridge, pot filler, 2 dishwashers, prep sink, wine fridge, etc) to produce a great end result for (presumably) just their own family. It’s almost like saying, “if you don’t have a kitchen like this, you must not be a very serious cook!” I know it’s just salesmanship, but rubs me the wrong way nonetheless.

    That, and I think deep down inside that there might be a little bit of an inverse relationship between the price tag of the kitchen and the amount of cooking that actually gets done in them. It’s kind of like calling a four-car garage a “mechanic’s dream” even though it’s really most likely that it’s going to be holding a couple decades’ worth of crap that no one wants to get rid of. Maybe a car or two.