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  • And if you click the link, you realize that Disco Dining isn’t the weirdest part of this house. It looks like a combination between a classic Montrose house and a 1980s middle school. What is up with the glass-block tower??!!??

  • Well, you certainly can’t say these owners are afraid of a little color.
    Oh, and what’s up with all these “wine cellars” popping up in new Houston construction? Are these actually below grade cellars that would have water table issues in a storm, or are they a ground level closet with extra a/c?

  • Without question, the weirdest home I’ve ever seen. ‘Re-imagined’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

  • I’ve been in a couple houses in Avondale and/or Westmoreland that had underground structures.

    One had a 5’6″ high basement consisting of a den (with TV and couch) and a storage room, total of about 300 sq ft. I know it was exactly 5’6″ because one of us in the party was 5’6″ tall and her head brushed the ceiling.

    Another had a “wine cellar” that was basically just a landing at the bottom of the stairs leading to the dirt crawlspace, into which had been installed a wine fridge.

  • Does anyone on here have a recommendation for somebody to install the pavers they are using for a driveway?

    Personally I kinda like what is going inside this one. The outside is interesting though.

  • Looks like two Montrose 2-story bricks pasted together with stucco and glass brick. Wow.

  • What is better is these owners were strong proponents of the new historic ordinance, after having done this to their historic building. Now new buyers cannot even correct these mistakes. Shoot yourself in the foot.

  • that is the most bland weird home i’ve ever seen.

  • There are some outstanding art deco pieces in this house. Great light fixture in the entryway with a beautiful ebony table and two chairs underneath. The sofa and chairs in the sitting room (under another gorgeous deco light fixture) look like a Swedish deco sofa set, but a bit too plush. Might be a replica. But, if it is an original set, it is a real find. The living room with the piano has a great deco club chair and coffee table. The kitchen has a great little deco dining table, as does the office upstairs. Great dresser and vanity in the bedroom. I am almost willing to overlook the architectural atrocities on the additions (maybe the advocacy for the historic districts was an act of pennance) with all the great deco pieces inside.

  • Whoa, someone found the HDR setting on their camera!