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  • That fence is in clear violation of Mandell Place’s deed restrictions. I hope any potential buyer is made aware of that.

  • Google maps show an iron fence at the corner of Harold and Mulberry. Is that one also in violation of said deed restrictions?

  • @Harold. Apparently, Mandell Place’s fence height restrictions are not enforceable due to several violations that went unchallenged or so said a HOA Board Member. This fence was brought the the HOA’s attention when the first spike hit the ground. At least it isn’t unattractive–unlike many of the other fences in the neighborhood.

  • Very nice and modern home – this shouldn’t last long on the market esp w the list price – the fence is a nice touch esp in the transitional neighborhood it’s located in

  • Why do all of these Houston modern homes always have the most generic decor?

  • Bill,
    Iron fences up to 30 inches are permitted from what I understand.
    I believe the deed restrictions are enforceable, but they would have to actually BE enforced by the Board. Either way, it’s a potential liability for any purchaser. So any reputable and ethical real estate agent should apprise potential buyers of this fact.
    MRME, the house had been on the market approximately 3 times over the course of the last few years at a lower price and has gone unsold. They’ve now raised the price since the last time it was up. I highly doubt it will sell.

  • beautiful home, but let’s keep all the extravagant doctor’s homes on the south side of 59 please. us poor folks still want to be able to afford the Montrose too.

  • That place looks awesome. I’d have a hard time paying $1.5m+ for a house on a ~5k SF lot but it’s cool none the less. There have been some homes in Courtlandt Pl (better area) on 20k SF lots in that range.

    Mr me: The homes in the best area of the city IMO. Transitional?

  • I’m sure the neighbors loved seeing that box get built in place of the old bungalow. Thank god the free market is meeting the demand for box housing.
    Go Houston!

  • Hello everyone. Looks like the house is still sitting on the market! What a (non) surprise!