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  • Is that linoleum flooring used as a wall covering in the kitchen?

  • (@Benjy) I really hope it’s tile…

    There are so many things wrong with this house. Here are my two favorites:

    1. The decision to place the toilet paper roll so far away (even if the picture wasn’t distorted…why wouldn’t they just mount it on the cabinet next to the toilet?)

    2. Why is there an iron gate leading into the kitchen from the ‘pink room’? is that a porch?

    I’m overwhelmed…that’s how I picked my name today.

  • 1) Declutter!
    2) I think the pink room used to be a porch.
    3) My family had a set of bathroom rug/toilet tank cover/toilet lid cover just like that when I was growing up. Worked great for the girls in the family. Not so great for the guys.

  • I want to know what the heck the owners are getting for the $285 monthly maintenance fee.