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  • That is a creative use of what is often a “non-space” in a property. Approve!

  • Eh. It needs a windmill. ;)

  • It’s “coarse” according to the listing agent…

  • I like the Realtor’s photo comment “No need to go to the golf coarse!” must be the rough stuff

  • Last time I looked Grand Lake was in Bellaire, not Greenway Plaza.

  • I couldn’t get past the lack of color.

    Why,oh why does everyone like brown, toast, cream, almond, tan, yada yada yada?

  • Wow. Swamplot is slipping:Grand Lake St. is in BELLAIRE not Greenway Plaza,which does not have single family residential. @Pyewacket: exactly. Why are the beige/browns/tans/creams so popular? Because they reflect most people’s lack of originality,creativity and imagination. And they want to be “safe” and blend in with the majority of the other dull/ gray people.So bland,the beiging of America.

  • PYEWACKET2: These are lowest common denominator colors for houses. Their bland neutrality guarantees that developers use them and that residents, fearing to go too far out on the limb with their individual tastes, maintain them. I wouldn’t be too surprised if some HOAs actually mandate them.

  • I can’t believe that Swamplot commenters didn’t get the fact that “Greenway” was a play on the putting green on the side of the house, not the location. You’re usually sharper than that.

  • People paint boring neutral colors as that’s something that won’t ‘offend’. It’s an easy color for a new owner to paint over using whatever colors they want.
    While I might like a red wall, a new owner might not. So neutral gets put on the wall and the new owner can do whatever THEY want.
    The better question is why do people get uptight about boring colors in other homes? Just paint right on over ’em. The seller isn’t saying that’s the best looking color ever, but rather ‘here is an empty canvas to do whatever ya want’

  • I think the bland-ness blame falls on the interior designer, or, as I prefer to call them, decorators. (They really don’t design anything, they just decorate a space)

    I’m always amazed at homeowners will buy any kind of crap decor their “decorator” happens to be pushing. And pay a ridiculously stupid amount of money for it all.

  • OK folks, I understand what you’re saying about the neutrals, but……

    If you’re buying a house to live in, why give a rat’s ass about what the “next” owner might or might not like?

    I want to like what I’m looking at, not what someone else might want to look at.

    And, I remember when they were all called interior decorators. There were no “designers” yet.

    And yes, I don’t see that they do any designing now. They just decorate.

    I don’t get it either, how folks let someone tell them what color something should be and where it should go and what goes with it, and PAY them to boot!!

    I almost got carried away with my rant on glass shower doors and clawfoot tubs. I just deleted 2 paragraphs. I’ll save that for another post when the subject comes up.

    Designers indeed. Give me color. /storms out

  • @PYEWACKET2: Same reason so many cars are silver, white, black, etc.