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  • Rather bland house, all things considered. Would love a room that big to ignore my laundry in though!

  • So what’s the deal with the “Conroe” vs. “The Woodlands” location name ambiguity? Seems to me that a lot of people living up that way have a Conroe mailing address but claim the name “The Woodlands” when saying where they live.

    The address of this listing is 0 Darby Loop Conroe, TX 77385, and in the first sentence of the listing description, the realtor claims it is “…in The Woodlands!” (emphasis unaltered).

    Recently I tried to mail something to my uncle who lives in the “The Woodlands,” but I had his mailing address listed as “Conroe.” So I called him to verify, and he gave me a really long explanation that explained nothing and only confused me more. In the end, he instructed me to write “The Woodlands” on the envelope, even though he mentioned that the name “Conroe” is actually on the sign at his local Post Office.

  • It looks like the whole property was entirely scraped of vegetation, and now you are left with a tree-less plain and little landscaping doo-dads.
    People– is this the best you can do up there?

  • While on SuperDave’s topic:
    What is the Kingwood / Humble ambiguity??

  • If I was going to spend $3.5 million, I’d want the heilcopter and giant Tonka toys thrown in and the dung and dirt smell taken out.

  • My understanding of it was that there are many in Conroe who are more than happy to write “The Woodlands” on their envelopes but that if you’re East of I-45 you ain’t in The Woodlands. On this property the landscaping alone would tell you that, it’s supposed to be hellish difficult to remove trees under Woodlands deed restrictions.

  • $3.5 M for Oak Ridge East isn’t very reasonable. Boring house.

  • The Woodlands is not a city. You either live in Conroe or Spring! The Woodlands is a Township. 77380,77381,77382 are Spring. 77385 & 77384 are Conroe. If you try to put The Woodlands in your GPS it is not there. 2014 it should become its own city.

  • Wow. For over $3 million, you’d think the Realtor would pay to have some professional pictures taken.

    The existing pictures look like some of the brown stuff the horses dropped.

  • Harold–

    The Humble/Kingwood divide is for the most part the San Jacinto River with Kingwood to the north, and Humble to the south. Ambiguity comes from the fact that most of Kingwood is under Humble ISD and some newer subdivisions close to Lake Houston south of the San Jacinto River are zoned to schools in Kingwood.

    To make it even more convoluted…the most recent ambiguity has come from the newest subdivisions in the ‘Kingwood’ area that physically reside in Montgomery county (i.e. Oakhurst). These are all zoned to New Caney ISD but still consider themselves ‘Kingwood’.

  • A Thousand Thanks RJ –
    I am still a bit confused, but now I know why!

  • I just ran across something fun on this property. The genius real estate agent listed the same property twice – once under Single Family Homes, and once under Country Homes/ Acreage.

    11093 Darby Loop:C ountry Homes/ Acreage under MLS# 46524242. The SAME home is also being marketed under 0 Darby Way, under Single Family Homes, under MLS# 96604431.

    We’ll see how long it stays like this, as the situation has been reported to HAR.