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  • First time I have ever seen a wall papered door. This is an older house but there are no trees in
    either the front or back yard!!

  • I’ve come to realize there are 2 kinds of people – Indoor and Outdoor.
    Indoor people remove trees and other nature-harboring effects from their property (and also enjoy a savings from the lawn-care company.)
    Outdoor people place a premium on sunlight, air and birdsong. Even those who live in the city find squirrels and bunnies to be cute.

  • I’m betting the yard had large Arizona Ash trees at one time (they have about a 25-year lifespan and were used by developers in the 50s and 60s). Some people just don’t care about how their yard looks. The interior of this home has a basically nice design, and with some work could be super nice.

  • Wallpaper aside, this place has a lot of potential. And I view the bare landscaping as a plus: ready for your own personal touches. Hummingbird attractors next to the windows would be the first to go in (if it were my house).
    I’ve babied the AZ ash that came with my property; it would be a huge expense to replace.

  • I think you meant to type, It’s a WARP”!! That wall paper is a time warp!!!

  • I agree, the house has some great features. I’m not a fireplace person, but the brick wall feature is nice looking. That must have been very expensive wallpaper when it was laid, because it does not appear to have any damage. If you are into a 60’s retro design aesthetic, you could probably keep some of it with the right furniture.

  • It’s already pending, and I’d hope somebody is actually buying it to update it, but with the way that area is going, I’m guessing it’s a $500K play for the 11K SF lot.

    Agree on the trees. The builder likely went with Ash instead of Oak (also popular in that area) and then the owner opted not to replace them when they died out. Listing says one owner, so by the time the trees were gone, owner was likely retired and didn’t have the income to replant/maintain saplings after the cost of bringing the trees down, or just didn’t care to replace them.

  • I walked through the open house a week ago. The wallpaper in this bedroom is a tad (okay… way way…) over-the-top, and I fully expected this photo to show up on swamplot. However, the wallpaper in the formal living room is absolutely stunning. The house definitely needs a little renovation, but the floor plan was great and it was priced very well for the neighborhood. I actually thought that, for the price, it was a much more attractive and better laid out house than the “Lars Bang” (according to Swamplot, Arthur Steinburg according to Houston Mod) at 4919 Heatherglen, down the street.