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  • I call bull on their claim that the house didn’t take Harvey damage. It’s less than 700 ft from Brays Bayou and well within the FEMA 1% flood zone.

  • @el Duderino, it’s possible. If those front steps are 9 inches each, then the first floor is elevated 7.5 feet off the ground, which slopes up from the street.

  • This is why we need an official ‘Certificate of Not Having Flooded During [insert storm here]’. Issued by FEMA, US Geological Service, NOAA, Army Corps of Engineers, whatever.

  • @el Duderino, seems like this would be very easy to validate–no way the floors and cabinets could be replaced this quickly.

  • The real question is whether these properties have EVER FLOODED!

    Wish HAR listings now require disclaimer of FLOODING HISTORY.

  • On the Seller’s Disclosure Statement the Seller must disclose any previous flooding of which the Seller is aware.

  • This is real reason we need a real solution to our flood control problems. Before the floods, we would have been wondering what in the world they were thinking with ten rows of kitchen draws and cabinets and why in the world the realtor would describe it as a “millinery”. But after the floods, all we can do is wonder whether this one flooded or not.

  • My goodness, those “stagers” really phoned that job in. I think it would have looked more appealing without borrowed furniture.

  • Whatever house was on this lot before this one was built would have flooded during Allison. I live nearby and most of the homes in this section of Willow Meadows were flooded in Allison, prompting new construction or raising of original homes. This one may not have flooded, given how high it was built up. It was also built after the floodplains were redrawn and expanded following Allison. As for the size of kitchen and dining rooms, this section is home to many multi-generational Orthodox Jewish families due to it’s proximity to the United Orthodox Synagogue on Greenwillow at Braeswood (many may recall the story on the front page of the Chronicle about it flooding). Just about all the original homes in this section flooded this time, many did during the Memorial Day floods, too. Most newer homes built above the flood plain did not.

  • Thanks to @Old School for waking us up. Millinery? Do they make hats in the kitchen?
    Almost Meyerland + two of everything in the kitchen = kosher. Not sure why they need seating for 10-16 though.

  • I’m guessing its a strict kosher kitchen. 2 of everything to totally separate the food.