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  • They never could find a notepad to jot down that elusive “to do” in the middle of the night….?

  • This home was literarily personalized by the previous owner.

  • Might’ve been a holding facility for newly arrived illegal immigrants. My house once was and there are scrawlings all over the place.

  • DanaX, everyone here is an illegal immigrant, but instead of mowing the Indian’s lawns and building their houses, we decided to kill off 99% of them and take their land.

  • @ commonsense..yes, that’s why I wrote “newly arrived” to distinquish them from the rest of us.
    Nit-picking of names aside, there are a lot of houses in Houston that serve the particular purpose of housing these people until funds to release them arrive.

  • Nocommonsense: “We” didn’t kill anyone or take anyone’s land. At least I didn’t, because I wasn’t born until a century or so later. But if you feel so morally incenced about what some of our forefathers did feel free to give back some of your land to any one of my relatives from the Cherokee Nation.

  • I have absolutely no feelings about what my forefathers did, I wasn’t there and a long time passed. I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy of current “citizens” complaining about fresh immigrants.

  • Please can we get back to smarmy comments about the paint color and decor?

  • I used to write all kinds of things on my wall as a teenager. Photos..etc.