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  • I…don’t get it.

    Weird house, but a lot of house for your money (aside from being next to Acres Homes).

  • Aww … its a sweet house in a pretty neighborhood. I took those pictures for the listing agent. That little under-the-stairs wet bar is just creative use of space. Go see it and make an offer!

  • Are we getting an infection of the Google search result seeders again with “conveniently” pro-listing comments when the house is obviously in the terrible hood?

  • Spoonman, the doorway to the nook under the stairs is shaped like the number 1.

  • Isn’t that area sort of a buffer zone between muggings and McMansions?

  • Commonsense – I have zero connection to this listing, nor the neighborhood, other than having been there. I have to agree that Candlelight Oaks is really a very nice neighborhood. Hardly “terrible” as you claim. Whoever buys and renovates this place will have a wonderful home. Perhaps you should take a break from being so sullen and actually go take a look.

  • Sihaya: OHHHHH

  • Thanks for the chuckle, and hats off to whoever noticed the visual pun.

  • The revisions to Chap 42 mean that the fringes of Oak Forest, Garden Oaks and Spring Branch can be built up with lots of townhomes and other inner loop-esque density. Given that you now have to shell out $500-800k to live in OF, GO or many parts of Spring Branch, I would bet that, all things constant, this listing would be seen as a steal in five to ten years.
    And, no. I did not get the no. 1 until I read the comments.

  • @Sadz, that sounded like another plug to me. Both commenters claim nice neighborhood (nevermind the daily stabbings) and “Go see it”. You ain’t fooling anybody.

  • Trollin ain’t easy, and so is getting a free pass on SwampLot.

  • Too close to Antoine for comfort.

  • Its sad that people are SO quick to categorize a neighborhood they have obviously never visited. I have a friend who lives on this street, and the homes all show great pride of ownership.