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  • I think the photo of the day should be the portrait of the listing agent and his wife.

  • And watch out for that “army” of associates. Apparently only The Bosses are allowed to wear jeans and rodeo shirts.

    Great garage, however. Is double-depth going to be a new trend?

  • Apparently!! writing good description copy!! requires a lot of exclamations!! Check out!! Elements of Style!! It’s awesome!!

  • Aside from the lovely garage, why is there not a single interior shot? Curious.

  • I’d make fun of their punctuation and style, but they must be doing something right, because they have almost twice as many followers as I do on Twitter.

  • There’s no interior shots because the interior isn’t finished yet.

  • How is the exterior done, and landscaped, but the interior is not? I mean, not a single room? I find that really, really hard to believe.

  • All the pictures look fake and Photoshoppy.

  • I’ve about had it with HDR Real Estate photos.

  • Love the stylish lanai! Can’t you just feel the tropical breezes?!

    The quad garage is a ‘thing’ here in Australia for some reason. Probably because homes are so over priced that the kids have to live with mom & dad until they are 30 so they need the extra spaces.

  • Every now and then when I’m listing one of my own properties, I’ll toss a goofy picture. Somehow HAR always seems to find out and they send me a nasty letter :(

  • actually i showed the house this weekend and it is finished, no idea why the agent didn’t put up the photos… it looks really great inside. I work a lot with that builder and their homes are very nice, but agree, the picture of the garage could go….