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  • I don’t know about the pricing vs. the comps in the area, but the interiors are top-notch.

  • I will bet that the person who buys this will slap paint on the woodwork first thing. Seen it happen to plenty of houses.

  • Agree, the architectural changes in this house are very well-done and the materials are quality!
    I take issue with the stain-grade stuff, though..
    There’s a lot of CG filtering in these pictures so I don’t know whether I’m seeing reality or the photo-editor’s wishfulness…
    that wood looks like basic pine with a too-dark stain and no sealing. Should have used oak (period accurate) and should have taken the time to seal the raw wood and sand to get a smoother, warmer finish. To get the quality that won’t be ripped out straight-away by the next owner.