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  • the listing agent seems overly enthusiastic about all the cable outlets in that home…

  • Haha I was once at a party where they had one of these curtained beds in the back yard and we had a lot of fun speculating about the intent of placing it there, as well as they origin of all the mystery stains on it.

  • It’s the spare bedroom!

  • This is one of those houses that is a monument to the $75,000 millionaire mentality. I am sure the owners think that the modest Oak Forest size combined with the way they have finished it out, reflect how they have more taste than money, but in reality, it is the exact opposite. It reflects more money than taste.

  • @Chequeta – As the other half of an interior designer, that seems to be the case in general.

  • This house is not to my taste but…..if the owner likes it, so be it.

    I would never “decorate” for someone else’s taste and if they did it to please themselves, then that’s all that matters.

    I also would never update my home with thoughts of what might or might not help sell it. That’s stupid in my opinion. My taste in an update might not be what a potential buyer wants.

    A friend was looking for a home in Heights, found one she loved except that the owners had updated the kitchen. My friend hated what they had done so it was a deal breaker. She bought a complete fixer upper.

    I do like that laundry room with all the cabinets but I do not like that shower. Too small. If/when I build in a shower, it’ll be for two. This owner did not feel that way.

    What I’m taking away from some of these comments is that while realtors and ‘designers’ stress staging, there is certainly something to be said for showing an empty house.

    Memo to self: Update to suit my taste and pleasure and remove everything before listing for sale.

  • More comfortable than the couch!

    Critics be damned, looks like they may get nearly $190 psf.