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  • Pretty sure they waited til that was pending to put it on HAR. Look for it again before EOY for $100K or so more after it’s reno’d. Sanford’s already had three flipped this year.

  • @Heather Oh yeah that will be a flip for sure. Willow Meadows has been super hot and filled with them.

  • @Heather, this house has been listed on HAR for several weeks now. Don’t quote me on this but I *believe* it was Active for at least a short period of time before Option Pending. (I check 77035 listings almost daily since I live in this neighborhood and am curious about what’s selling and for how much). You’re probably right about a flip + resell. The price is right for that and it’s in a great area, although a bit loud when the train is rolling by. A couple other houses on Sanford have listed for 300+ in the last several months, which is just amazing to me. My husband and I live a few blocks north and bought ours about 18 months ago. If we had waited just a few months longer, we would have been priced out of this neighborhood. I’m pretty excited about what’s happening here.

  • Hi Hayley — I missed that one, then. =) I have a friend looking, so I check often,too, and had not seen that one pop up. The most recent ones to come up under $200K have been technically gone by the time they show up.

    There’s a house on Kingfisher listed for $429K, which I don’t think they’ll come close to getting but bless their hearts for trying.

    I’ve lived in the neighborhood 29 years . I’m happy to see the revitalization attract good neighbors, but I’m not keen about the flips pricing up the area, which is then coming out of my pocket when I pay my taxes. ;) I’m also sort of over the Dumpsters everywhere, but I’ll take that over teardowns/rebuilds.