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  • How much for the craftsman bungalow out back?

  • The listing says “PEACEFUL – TRANQUIL – DRAMATIC”. Given that the house is three houses down and cattycorner from the Ashby highrise, I think “peaceful” and “tranquil” describe the neighborhood as it was before all of the highrise ruckus started. “Dramatic” refers to the ruckus itself.

  • About $300k overpriced and it will have a hard time selling the with the Ashby highrise going up like a blk away

  • That house reminds me of the loft apartment from Less than Zero

  • the high rise is not going to hurt the value of this property. that is the silliest argument opponents to it have raised. high rises didn’t hurt river oaks’ prices. the bigger problem is that this house is on bissonnet. that said, i suspect it will sell for close to this price.

  • Once again I’m amazed at the difference between a few blocks east of the 288 and a few blocks west of the 288

  • This house is gone from HAR …

  • It’s still on trulia.

  • Karma: Trulia (and the many others) just pull from MLS for most (all?) their listings. We get calls on places from a dozen sites we’ve never heard of once we post on HAR. So when you remove from HAR, it often stays ghosted on the other sites for quite some time.