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  • Haha this house is absolutely ridiculous! Who was the pimp who used to live here.

  • Whoever she was, she was getting a great deal on property taxes. The whole place shows on HCAD as being appraised at $83,496.

  • This is what happens when you let the kids choose the paint colors, lol. Surround yourself with what you love.

  • Contractor: We’ve finished hanging the drywall, what could would you like the interior?
    Owner: All of them!
    Contractor: Are your sure?…
    Owner: Yes, me and my whole family are colorblind.
    Contractor: But your guests won’t be.
    Owner: That’s their problem.

  • Cam’ron needs to know about this.

  • I thought for sure this house was built in the early 90s but it was built in 2005! It is so hideous!

  • I am going to nominate the red brick/faux flagstone combo as design cliche of the year. There’s a lot of this out there.

  • The captions are almost as great as the photos. Just one example: “Check out the enclosed shower with a rain shower, shower head. Imagine being taken away in a luxury shower. Wash it all at once!”