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  • WTF so nobody over 4 1/2 ft tall could walk through so the people that lived here before must have been really short. That is the most dumb design I have ever seen in a house

  • I wondered what happened to Bilbo’s house once he and Frodo sailed away.

  • I’m hoping that’s a perspective issue caused by super high ceilings.

  • Brian, I think you’ve been misled by particularly high ceilings. In this other picture from the listing the scale is more readily apparent: (http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=65977360).

  • “Lovely home perched inside small hill in the best part of the Shire- great light and perfect for entertaining. Previous owner recently vacated under mysterious circumstances with tall wizard….”

  • I think it’s just the way it’s photographed. The other circular throughways seem normal sized. But they certainly are a strange feature–especially in such an otherwise nondescript house. The black-and-white fireplace is another odd touch.

  • The listing makes me sad and also inspired. Whoever lived here wanted some style and did their best to raise the level of beauty in this sad little house with the burgler bars and tiny bedrooms and old electric cooktop. I hope they have moved up in the world and can execute their vision in a more livable space than this one.

  • also there does not appear to be a chimney in this house, so I doubt that fireplace can or should be used.

  • What’s a Warkworth? About $124,500.

  • Karen- I agree with you 100%, mocking these homeowners is akin to punching down. I much prefer punching up. Can we please see more photos of the woodlands three story closet house?

  • Fireplace looks used. There must be a chimney that the exterior photos just don’t show.
    @ Mel, Agreed.