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  • Looks like a nice place to me.

  • That has got to violate some kind of spiritual decorating principal – placing a mirror directly in front of a dead person’s portrait. Probably intended to trap the soul or something. Creepy!

  • Ugh! prints of art classics placed in gilt frames to approximate art classics is so dumb! Get the coffee-table book already!
    It’s like faux-wood ‘Woody’ station wagons. It’s like HDPE split-rail cedar fences.

  • I was still riding the fence on this one and thought I’d take a look at the rest of the pictures. That “bride’s” bathroom takes the cake!! Or, maybe it’s ‘bridal path’ bathroom, complete with horse head vase and ruffles.

    It does have a nice big lot though. And lots of beige.

  • Looks nice to me… but why in such a small tight place…

  • Looks like they already took the cake and stuck a mirror in it.

  • This IS actually a beautiful house, property, and area.

    I helped a buyer with a home designed by the same lady, and she does amazing work.