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  • Nice loquat tree. Giraffes love loquats.

  • Which room do the giraffes sleep in?

  • Indeed, when the house has little aesthetic value and is overpriced to boot, bring in the ‘borrowed amenities’ like the zoo and Reliant Stadium.

  • Reliant Stadium is no amenity unless you like easy walking to events. Certainly you do get a lot of thumpa-thumpa from random loud rock bands that play in Reliant Park on fine Saturdays till 11PM.

  • I really like the house. What doofus real estate agent posted that photo?

  • This is another one I’d much rather see completely empty.

    All those closets and mirrors distort things in my view.

  • I have been looking for those shoes..

  • Calling that house in “Bellaire” is a major stretch… It is just off of Main almost at the 610 loop… Gotta love those real estate agents and their view of the truth… Bellaire is a separate city from Houston, I don’t get the relevance of calling it Bellaire when it is in the City of Houston.

  • @MarketingWiz, the price is probably a good starting point for a reasonably quick sale. The neighborhood is fine and rental income might even support this price if the house functions well (plumbing is probably near the end of its useful life though). I’m not sure what lot value is at this point, but a house on a big corner lot on Kirby just half a mile closer in sold last year for about $50/sq. ft. (lot price).

    My husband’s grandmother and her sister lived in this neighborhood for years. Every time I look at a house on that block I think of her!

  • JBXT
    That neighborhood is zoned to Bellaire HS. I guess that’s what counts.