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  • Will someone defend the design aesthetic otherwise known as the “Wall o’ Crosses”?

  • Didn’t Granny from Beverly Hillbillies have one of those in her back yard?… I’m guessing hers would look exactly the same today except for the addition of a satellite dish. We may not have running water, but we’ve got 500 channels of TV in high def!

  • I’ve run across that in my home search, and my best guess is that fear of the zombie apocalypse is so 2011. For 2012, fear the vampire apocalypse.

  • What would the stars be for, a non-native Texan apocalypse?

  • Remind me to nominate “wall o’ crosses” for Houston design cliche of the year. Why it’s all about Jesus, but has nothing to do with his teachings.

  • P.s., the bizrate ad that just popped on this page is for a lovely wooden garden shed.

  • Best part of the property by far, get rid of the house in front and add a windmill.

  • Granny Clampett’s cabin . . for those of you who watched the Beverly Hillbies Reruns as a kid!! Wow.. now they are fans!

  • I agree with Northsider – no amount of crosses, stars or crossed fingers will save a little ole ’50s ranch.
    But that shed sure has some personality