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  • photographer: his holiness the dalai lama

  • That part of town was once very elegant. The houses are still classic, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  • High price for a crappy remodel of what used to be a really nice house.

  • I love how they tore out the original custom bathroom vanity that went wall-to-wall to install a stock-sized particle board vanity that now has 4″ gaps on either side.

    New owner will have a place to keep dust bunnies.

  • She looks Pentecostal.

  • No pool pictures??

  • Henrietta: I was in a house recently that had done that where they hadn’t even had the decency to scrape the caulk from the old vanity off the wall.

    And what’s with the kitchen cabinets not going back to the wall? Is that supposed to be a trashcan space, or is it just dumb?

  • Wow. That s a LOT of 90s shopping mall tile.

  • How to tell a Houston home that’s flooded before: look for a retro-fit of tile floors.

  • I was thinking that spot was for the refrigerator. There is an electrical plug up higher on the wall.

  • Old people and tile. miles and miles of tile. flooding occurred at some point here, as #10 astutely points out. I thought i spied some touch-up on the baseboards under the kitchen pas-thru as well. Looks like they painted over some water damage / cheaply ‘fixed’ the soggy part that now peeks through. Should’ve replaced the baseboards. Jeebus knows what sort of mold lurks behind the drywall they didn’t replace either.

  • Someone should have swept up. Yuck.

  • So much darkness. What is this, a Joy Division song?

  • The fact that it is being sold “as is” indicates to me that it probably has many hidden issues.

  • I see the realtor and the owner have the same last name. This house is a great example of why you should never use friends or family as your realtor. An impartial realtor would stage the house more appropriately and have an honest discussion with the seller about the asking price.

    Why isn’t the pool featured in the photos. Very peculiar.

  • Very peculiar indeed. This home is supposedly on a 35,000+ sf site. Most of the bayou lots in Glenbrook Valley have phenomenal views. So why no pictures of the pool or the back yard? You can’t help but wonder what’s lurking back there.