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  • Giant foot aside, that staircase looks like a great way to fall to your death.

  • Awww come on…you’re slacking…much better to use “Something Strange Afoot.”

    And that stair case, pretty as it may be (to some), is an abomination according to building codes.

  • This is a great home for living large. I love LOVE the staircase! (codes, schmodes – they’re not for private homes)
    But OMG I thought the realtor was Bess Myerson.

  • “codes, schmodes” I’m not a residential Code expert but the stairs are a clear violation (open treads >4″, no guards on open side) of the Houston Residential Building Code (2006 IRC).

  • I have several…um, rather robust…relatives. The first though that hit me was how much weight can those stairs hold?…