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  • Enough with the flooded house photos and snickering. You guys are actually trolling for the normal a holes instead of covering the relevant real estate issues. This is nothing to take humor in.

  • Is it necessary to mock a house that has flooded?

  • Not only are you mocking the many Houstonians who lost their homes due to severe flooding, you’re also mocking an even greater percentage of people who have lost control of their lives. Not cool….

  • I would be ticked off if this was my house and it was being made fun of as well…just like the other commenters here say.
    I wish these folks the best. I was fortunate to not flood. I feel so thankful. Some were not so lucky.

  • As well, it is not cool to be selective with feigned outrage. SWAMPLOT has done this for years, I don’t recall all the protest of the others articles. In fact, I don’t recall any, but I don’t read them all either.
    There are lots of things I see here that don’t interest me, but this is a free site, I don’t pay for any content, and honestly, people probably don’t invest too much in my opinions, so if I find something I don’t particularly care for, I just click ‘NEXT’.
    SWAMPLOT, keep up the good work!

  • Montrose Resident- it’s not really outrage and nothing is feigned. Everyone on this site is selective in protesting those things that “hit home” if you will. You see, I invested time in your opinion. Your welcome for that daily affirmation.

  • For what it’s worth, my house flooded, I’m selling as is and would be thrilled for the free publicity

  • Joe,

    I love your house! I assume raising it was cost prohibitive, sorry for your loss.

  • i bet swamplot takes suggestions for photo of the day if you’d like to contribute one that you think would be less likely to stir up outrage from stick-in-butt readers.

  • @Joe… I think your house is my favorite in this city! Saw it on HAR the other day. Sorry you’re having to go through this.

  • Silly me. I was hoping to see comments on how to value mid-rehabbed homes. The name of the article didn’t offend me in the least.

  • I like how “flooded for the first time during Harvey” tag is a selling point in H-Town now. In a few years it will be “hasn’t flooded in the past 6 months”

    Keep up the mischief Swamplot! The people complaining are probably Dallas transplants.