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  • What a charming house. I am sad to see the realtor advertising the house and land are unrestricted. $514K for a beautifuly remodeled tear-down. So depressing.

  • wondering if those are original built-ins on either side of the fireplace…
    shame to paint all that AND the brick!

  • nice house, but I couldn’t fathom anyone paying half a million for it unless they wanted to tear it down. a string of empty lots on this section of dunlavy already so I expect this one will be following close behind.

  • Please have an end-of-year Swampie for “most remarkable bastardization of a once-functioning fireplace.”

  • With all they spent on remodeling, they could have added another room or two. Maybe then it wouldn’t be a tear down.
    Very cute house, shame the listing’s will be the last good pictures of it.